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Chatime is a well-known Taiwanese teahouse chain that originated in Taiwan in 2005. It has grown in popularity over the years and now has outlets in various parts of the world, including Indonesia. If you are a fan of Chatime, you might be interested in knowing the prices of the drinks on their menu. In this article, we will provide you with a detailed list of Chatime’s prices in Indonesia.

Chatime’s Menu

Chatime offers a wide variety of drinks that cater to different tastes and preferences. Some of the popular categories on their menu include milk tea, fruity tea, and smoothies. Here is a breakdown of the prices of some of their most popular drinks:

Milk Tea

Chatime’s milk tea is one of their most popular offerings. They have various flavors, including classic milk tea, roasted milk tea, and caramel milk tea. Here are their prices:

  • Classic Milk Tea – Rp 22,000
  • Roasted Milk Tea – Rp 25,000
  • Caramel Milk Tea – Rp 28,000

Fruity Tea

For those who prefer fruity flavors, Chatime has a range of fruity tea drinks. Some of the popular ones include passionfruit green tea, grapefruit QQ, and strawberry pampam. Here are the prices:

  • Passionfruit Green Tea – Rp 25,000
  • Grapefruit QQ – Rp 28,000
  • Strawberry Pampam – Rp 30,000


If you prefer something more creamy, Chatime’s smoothies might be just what you need. They have various flavors, including chocolate hazelnut, taro, and red bean. Here are the prices:

  • Chocolate Hazelnut – Rp 28,000
  • Taro – Rp 30,000
  • Red Bean – Rp 30,000


Chatime often has promotions that customers can take advantage of. Here are some of the current promotions:

  • Buy one get one free (only available for specific drinks)
  • Discounted prices for large cups
  • Special prices for combos (drink + snack)


Chatime is a popular teahouse chain that offers a wide variety of drinks to cater to different tastes and preferences. The prices of their drinks vary depending on the flavor and size, but they are generally affordable. If you are a fan of Chatime, be sure to check out their ongoing promotions to get the best deals on their drinks.


  • 1. Are Chatime’s prices the same across all their outlets?
    Not necessarily. Prices may vary depending on the location of the outlet.
  • 2. Does Chatime use natural ingredients in their drinks?
    Yes, Chatime uses natural ingredients in their drinks to ensure that they are healthy and delicious.
  • 3. Can I customize my drink at Chatime?
    Yes, you can. Chatime allows customers to customize their drinks by choosing the sweetness level and toppings.
  • 4. Can I order Chatime online?
    Yes, you can. Chatime has an online delivery service that you can use to order their drinks.
  • 5. Does Chatime offer any non-dairy options?
    Yes, they do. Chatime has various non-dairy options, including soy milk and coconut milk.

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